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Product Code: Magnet: Military Working Dog

The Miliatary Dog magnet, with artwork and poem by acclaimed artist Ian Coate.

Depicting a soldier and his dog in a moment of rest, this stunning artwork shows the bond between animal and human, and recognizes that animals in war were of a great number. Human and animal soldiers alike seved side-by-side, and both ough to be remembered as such for their bravery and service. 
Ian is an ex-serviceman who is an artist and freelance illustrator and his artwork hangs in many galleries and museums both here and overseas. His support of the charity, Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation (AWAMO) is greatly appreciated. To see more of Ian's work, visit his website— with Ian Coate - Artist / Illustrator
RSL and Wholesale special pricing. Please contact us direct (03) 9762 6278

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