Our latest release in the Great Southern Land series, we are pleased to present ‘The Building of a Nation’ collection.

This stunning set of five features prominent times in Australia’s history, immortalised in full colour fine silver bullion weighing one half ounce each and displayed in its own custom made box. Accompanying this superb collection is a well researched and incredibly informative booklet telling the story of early Australia and how it was shaped into the nation it is today. On the box lid is a map depicting Captain James Cook’s journey to the ‘Great South Land’, whilst the interior of the lid shows Cook looking down upon the collection with his ship, the HM Bark Endeavour beside him.

This is a limited edition of 5000, with each set individually numbered. As the manufacturer, SBA are proud to donate $10 from the wholesale price of every set and $2.50 from every single sold to Mates4Mates.
Mates4Mates are a charity which provides programs for current and ex-serving Australian Defence Force (ADF) members who are wounded, injured or ill. They offer physical, psychological and social rehabilitation services specifically designed to meet their needs. They also support the families of these Mates.


We have also launched a collection of Purple Poppy Collectables

The Purple Poppy represents all animals that have fought and served alongside our brave soldiers in war.   During times of remembrance, the Purple Poppy can be worn along side the traditional Red Poppy as a reminder that both animals and humans have and continue to serve.  

Throughout history, animals and humans have worked and lived alongside each other creating an unbreakable and unconditional bond.  Acting as messengers, trackers, protectors, mascots, and friends, these war animals have demonstrated true courage and loyalty to humans.  From horses to pigeons, camels to dogs, there have been tens of thousands of animals deployed into combat to assist our soldiers in battle.  They deserve to be honoured and remembered.  

SBA Precious Metals Pty Ltd, manufacturers of Great Southern Land collectables is proud to announce that from the sale of each Purple Poppy item, a donation will be made to the  AWAMO, a not for profit organisation.  We hope to assist them to erect plaques and memorials, Australia wide, to commemorate and raise awareness of not only dogs but all the brave war animals and the sacrifices they have made.